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06/05/2017 / By Isabelle Z.

When a partial meltdown struck the Three Mile Island nuclear generating station near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, in March 1979, the United

11/11/2015 / By Greg White

The Fukushima Daiichi meltdown was the worst nuclear catastrophe since Chernobyl. While the Chernobyl disaster was worse than the Fukushima

11/04/2015 / By Greg White

Opinions about the threat of cancer-causing radiation have communities divided in the Fukushima Prefecture. Conflicting reports have led to an

10/08/2015 / By Greg White

Thyroid cancer rates are increasing among children who live at the Fukushima Prefecture. According to a new study, thyroid cancer

09/30/2015 / By Greg White

Censored and redacted government emails reveal that U.S. policymakers were worried that radiation from the Fukushima disaster could cause a

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