Nuclear power, not a carbon tax, can stop global warming

The Oct. 28 editorial “The greens betray their cause” decried environmental activists who oppose a carbon tax, even though there is no evidence that a carbon tax helps reduce carbon emissions. Because the majority of carbon emissions come from power plants, and power plants are private, loosely regulated monopolies, a carbon tax is meaningless; any increase in cost will be passed on to ratepayers. Those ratepayers then have a binary choice: Pay the bill or have your power turned off. Where’s the reduction in emissions?

Article by WashingtonPost

The correct solution is more nuclear power — fission plants now and fusion plants in the long term. Neither is being pursued in this country. Fission power was killed decades ago by Nevada, whose senators halted construction of a federal nuclear waste storage area 20 years in the planning. Fusion power is being pursued mostly in France.

Make no mistake: This planet doesn’t need humans. Global mean temperature is at 0.8 degrees Celsius above preindustrial levels. When it reaches two degrees Celsius, expected in fewer than 50 years, massive crop failures are expected. When it reaches four degrees Celsius, in fewer than 100 years, our civilization will likely fall.

Politicians, lawyers and lobbyists are not qualified to address global warming; only scientists are. No actions should be taken without mainstream scientific evidence, not fringe science, to support those actions. Time is running out, and the planet doesn’t care.

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