Fukushima earthquake strikes Japan… 7.3 mag… tsunami warning, evacuation order issued… citizens ordered to consider ‘worst case scenario’

BREAKING NEWS: A massive 7.3 magnitude earthquake has struck near Fukushima, Japan, and Japan has issued a tsunami warning. NHK World TV Live is issuing a warning that says “we expect a tsunami wave 3 meters high” … “the tsunami will come through the inland… we are expecting it to come.” Warnings are issued to Northeastern and Eastern Japan.WARNING: The Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear power plant #3 has just suffered a FAILED cooling system, reports NHK World TV Live… see below… 2,544 fuel rods are stored there…

The Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear power facility has remained extremely vulnerable to a collapse of its remaining nuclear fuel rod pools, which were damaged in the 2013 tsunami that led to a nuclear facility meltdown.

Since that time, the nuclear fuel rod pools have still not been repaired. The fuel rods remain a grave risk to humanity, as a “criticality event” could release enormous clouds of radioactive material that circle the Northern Hemisphere, dropping radioactive elements such as Cesium-137 onto North America.

Our website FukushimaWatch.com will be closely monitoring these developments. Natural News will also provide breaking coverage as events unfold.

From the NHK World TV Live broadcast: “The estimated tsunami height is three meters, but it could be higher… A tsunami has already been observed offshore… evacuate and stay away from the shorelines.”

“The spent fuel pools at Fukushima have not been affected by the earthquake, but they are being observed carefully.”

“Please evacuate right now…”

Fukushima Daiichi #3 reactor cooling system has failed

From NHK: “TEPCO says the Fukushima nuclear power plant, #3 reactor, the water cooling system seems to have stopped. Technical officials are trying to confirm the situation. More than 2500 spent fuel rods are being kept at the pool at Fukushima. 2544 fuel rods are being kept at the spent fuel pool at the third reactor.”

Right now, we are monitoring Japanese news websites and radiation monitoring sites. We encourage all Natural News to be fully prepared.

Our Health Ranger Store offers potassium iodide pills, which will quickly be depleted everywhere as citizens purchase KI to protect their thyroid from radiation damage.

Unlike profiteering opportunists, we will maintain our everyday prices on these items, even if they become scarce, because we recognize the need to serve our readers and customers with protective nutritional solutions that can help protect against radiation damage.

We also have this nascent iodine pack available, which provides your body with elemental iodine that will displace receptor sites from absorbing radioactive iodine-131.

I am also prepared to conduct emergency manufacturing and donations of my patented Cesium Eliminator formula where needed, should cesium-137 become a common radioactive contaminant following another Fukushima catastrophe. I have stockpiled 10,000 kg of manufacturing material for this purpose, in anticipation of a nuclear / radiological event that would threaten many lives.

Whatever you do, stay informed and be prepared. I pray for all our safety.

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